Responsive Web Design for Your Business

Internet and mobile use have been integrated into our daily lives. Even sometimes having mobile device without internet can seem meaningless. In 2022, it is estimated that the number of smartphone users in Malaysia to reach 23.31 million users. To cope with this issue, it becomes a necessity for web design Malaysia to be responsive to all kind of devices, from desktops and laptops, to mobile and tablet devices.

Responsive design is the use of flexible layouts and images in a web page. The purpose of this approach is to have web pages that would adjust automatically to the screen size of the visitor’s device. One web design for all kinds of devices. It is even recommended by Google to adopt this trend so that it allows optimal experience for users. Internet users have now learned to take internet for granted, they expect quick loading, stable connectivity, and high-quality pictures. Responsive web design is just another thing that they are expecting, and they will not hesitant to leave a website that do not put up with their expectation.

Without applying responsive design, it would be hard to open your website through devices other than desktop/laptops. Although users can use the pinching action on their phone to zoom in and out, it would not be an enjoyable experience. It would give restriction for your customer to only be able to browse through limited device. You might even lose your customer to another business that provides mobile-friendly web design, and we do not want this to happen.

Web design Malaysia is now providing responsive web design, and some even provide iOS and android mobile application development. If you created your website years ago, do update now to make it more accessible to your customers. Competition among online businesses are very tight in this digital era. Businesses not only need to watch the market trend, but also need to be updated with technology trend as business and technology nowadays cannot live without each other.